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  • 2013 Reebok CrossFit Games are HERE!

    By The Fake Gym | In Blog | on March 6, 2013

    With all this buzz in the air about competition since our ladies led the charge at ‘Femme Royale’ on Saturday, I’m thrilled to be the bearer of more good news. What if I told you that you could pin yourself up against over 100,000 other athletes of all ages, fitness levels, and abilities around the […]

  • FFOTB Ladies Set for “Femme Royale”

    By The Fake Gym | In Blog | on February 21, 2013

    Though this isn’t just true of our little functional fitness world, it should be known that our women make this place tick. I can hear Beyonce sing it now..  Next Saturday our women are showing out in FORCE to compete at Orange Coast CrossFit’s “Femme Royale” competition. The women’s only event will feature 6 teams […]

  • Fresh Out of Fancy

    By The Fake Gym | In Blog | on February 4, 2013

    Last Wednesday, the workout of the day was arguably one of the best workouts we’ve ever done. From a sheer adaptation standpoint and a fitness standpoint, it was powerful to say the least. It was the kind of workout that meets everyone right at their level and makes them a better athlete undoubtably. What was […]

  • FFOTB Events: The OC Throwdown

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on January 4, 2013

    It’s that time of year! One of the largest local fitness competitions of its kind will take place January 12-13th in Costa Mesa. The OC Throwdown is an incredible event each year, and the competitors that take part in the event are some of the fittest men and women on Earth. What does this have […]

  • Create-A-Player: “99 Awareness”

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on November 20, 2012

    I’m, by no means, a gamer, but there’s a saying we used to have with my teammates about the Create-A-Player feature that many video games have. At least with the sports games, creating a player allowed you to choose attributes like height, weight, body type, etc. In addition, you could choose skills like speed, power, […]

  • As an extreme advocate for self, I am often hard pressed to encourage myself and others to dilute responsibility, delegate, and sacrifice. More often than not, I am preaching orders that support self respect, personal responsibility, and a ruthless work ethic, regardless of those around you. The Ayn-Rand-influenced position that I speak from, however, isn’t […]

  • Corey Reed: Calling Every One of Us Out

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on October 13, 2012

    Recently I’ve been preparing for the upcoming SICest of the Southwest competition with my teammates from CFLA. While “cramming for the test,” I’ve been exposed to Team CFLA’s newest member, Corey Reed. Corey is quite a notable athlete. No, he isn’t the fittest on the team, nor is he the strongest. His contribution is bigger […]

  • Core Values Installment 1: Team

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on October 6, 2012

    Here in the “Nation,” I believe that there are an Amazing amount of descriptors that you could use to describe your experience.  In the building of this place that we all feel is home there were, amongst others, 8 specific core values that Logan and I felt should be the pulse of the Nation.  The […]

  • Your New Lifestyle: A Bird’s Eye View

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on September 29, 2012

    As the functional training and real nutrition wave sweeps across the globe, I began to think about life without it. If you’ve been consumed like I have, it’s hard to imagine life before being “Better than yesterday,” eating real food, and training functionally were daily buzz words in your life. Whether it’s still what brings […]

  • Workout Clothes: A Uniform

    By The Fake Gym | In Uncategorized | on June 14, 2012

    Do you have a “go to” outfit to train in? OK, maybe wearing the exact same thing would get a little gross with the sweat and grime of training, but you know what I mean. Your attire is more than just something to separate you from the grass and marine layer. In many ways, the […]